Seek Him

Ether 5:41 - I would commend you to seek this Jesus
of whom the prophets and apostles have written.

Leadership - 2019

Directors:   Aaron Bailey
Grades:   10-14
Dates:   Jul. 05 - 12
Location:   Odessa Hills  (map)

A word from the Directors:

God has a vision for your ministry. Come discover it with us as we learn how to lead campfires, teach amazing classes, run team building exercises, inspire others with heroic goals and lead with confidence. You will be following in the footsteps of youth who have gone on to serve God as Sunday school teachers, Zion’s league leaders, camp counselors, camp pastors, camp directors, and missionaries in domestic and foreign lands. Some have even expanded the skills learned in this week into full time careers. Part of our training will help provide ministry to Camp Bountiful which runs at the same time.

You will want to register as soon as possible. We will be accepting the first 12 complete applicants into the camp and place any remaining applicants on a wait-list. To be complete each applicant will need to submit a letter stating why they want to come to camp, including what opportunities for leadership or service they are most looking forward to. They also need to procure a recommendation letter from their home congregation pledging half of the registration fee (we want them to feel like they’ve made an investment in you) as well as vouch for your character. These letters can be submitted online during the registration process.

This camp will start on a Saturday evening and end the next Friday night (late), so check the dates as you register. We need all hands on deck for every part of camp to pull off the grand vision we have for you.