Leadership - 2024

Director:   Saralee Rhoads
Grades:   10-14
Dates:   Jul. 06 - 12
Location:   Odessa Hills   (map)
Registration:   Register Online or by Mail

A word from the Directors:

A word from the Directors:

You are part of a pilot project as Leadership Camp is blended into a new model of CITs for Bountiful as well as campers learning how to…

• Lead and grow your league

• Lead all-camp events – we will be leading a fun as well as a worshipful evening activity

• Lead songs and camp activities solo or in pairs

• Prepare for being full-fledged counselors with much to offer other directors.

You will go home with a campfire box and a toolbox for team building. You’ll have an abundance of notes and resources, and we hope to fill you with ideas for ways to continue leading others long after camp has ended.


1. A watch. I know you have phones, but I don’t want you hanging onto phones all week. Wear a watch to track presentation times and ensure punctuality.

2. An alarm clock.

3. Comfortable shoes.

4. An outfit in a favorite color, along with any accessories you love of the same color.

5. A black t-shirt

6. A backpack of shower/night time essentials.

7. A swimsuit. Maybe you’ll hit the pool sometime during the week, lol.

I want to commend you for taking the step to prepare yourself for more valuable service. RCI often looks for leaders among those who have attended Leadership Camp. Even if you never want to direct a camp, your presence protects the integrity of the camping program, and you’ll learn more about that when you come…in short, I’m eager to spend this week with you! Camp begins on SATURDAY, July 6 at 6:30 pm and ends at noon Saturday July 13.


Saralee Rhoads (and the Leadership Camp staff and Cathy & Jason Hamilton)