Seek Him

Ether 5:41 - I would commend you to seek this Jesus
of whom the prophets and apostles have written.

Mammoth - 2019

Directors:   Chip & Jill Gowan
Grades:   9-13
Dates:   Jul. 14 - 20
Location:   Lake Of The Ozarks  (map)

A word from the Directors:

Come join us for a “week away from the world” getting to know more about God and Jesus Christ. There is a reason it is called Mammoth Camp, the experience is HUGE!!! This senior high youth camp is designed to integrate fun and fellowship with learning about God and providing multiple opportunities to worship. Spend time reconnecting with friends or making new ones while enjoying the many optional fun activities such as swimming, tubing, canoeing, etc… There is a variety of events that will engage campers throughout the week. These include daily camp religion classes, small group religion classes, small group service classes, nightly campfires and devotions as well as different evening activities such as Mammoth Olympics, the Big Event, and a camp talent show. An awesome staff is already busy preparing a Mammoth experience just for you. We look forward to seeing you there.


Directions from Independence - 
1. Take 50 Hwy past Warrensburg and Sedalia to Tipton and turn right (south) on Hwy 5.
2. Follow Hwy 5 to the stop sign just outside (and East) of Versailles. Turn left (East) onto Hwy 52 through Barnett to Eldon. Turn right (south) on Hwy 54 towards Osage Beach.
3. Hwy 54 takes you into Osage Beach on the north side of town. Hwy 54 becomes Osage Beach 
Parkway. Watch for the Osage Beach Parkway signs. 
4. While driving on Osage Beach Parkway, watch for Hwy 42 / 134 and turn left (east). This is by 
the Walgreens and Lowe's stores, and several other shops & restaurants. If you get to Wal-Mart or the lake, you've gone too far.
5. Follow 42 / 134 into the Lake of the Ozarks State Park and watch for Hwy 134 to split to the 
right. Hwy 134 takes you past the Park Office (on a side spur).
6. About half a mile past the Park Office, find the Log Cabin on the right, and turn right, ( away from 134 ) and on to Whispering Oaks Road (County Road 134-2). Follow the little brown OGC signs to Clover Point, about 5 miles. County Road 134-2 changes from Whispering Oaks, to Black Road and finally to Tangled Oaks road. All of them are County Road 134-2 and Tangled Oaks road takes you to Clover Point. There will be a bus available for those that desire a ride. Please email Jill to make arrangements.


Cost is $40.00 for round trip or one way.

Departure is from Waldo Restoration Branch (CPRS), 819 West Waldo, Independence, MO. Meet on the far east side of the parking lot.

Departure time is 7/15 (Sunday) at 10:00am.

Please be there minimum 10 minutes early.

You will leave camp to return to Waldo on 7/21 (Saturday) @11:00. Please be ready minimum 10 minutes early. We estimate arrival at Waldo at 3:00pm.

We will stop at a quick food place going down and back. We recommend each person should have $5 for each stop.

For all bus-related questions, please contact Caleb Postlethwait

Phone: 816-507-2843


To make a bus reservation, please make check out to Restoration Camping Inc. and mail to:

Mammoth Camp Bus Ride

c/o Caleb Postlethwait

3908 Queen Ridge Dr

Independence, MO 64055

When signing up we will need name of rider, contact information including email, address, and phone #.

We request receipt of payment before 7/11/16.

*We are in need of a parent volunteer to ride the bus down and back on 7/15 and someone to ride down and back on 7/21. This can be two different people. Please contact Jill Gowan at 816-260-0432 or at if you are willing to serve in this much needed way.